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Ebook download to change anything as if my magic

How are you? Are you creating magic? Last week has been quite eventful for me. We launched the basic Light key course which has been received very well (thank you); Launched a free mobile app to raise your vibration with money (details below); Conducted an advanced course on Light keys and psychic development – All …


An Idiot’s guide to get out of suffering!

How are you? For a very long time, I was wondering why so many enlightened masters suffer with terminal diseases? My point of view was that diseases cause suffering. Fair enough! Or is it? A few years back, when I heard a Buddhist lecture, I finally understood that pain is different from suffering. Pain is …


Are you willing to employ the universe?

Hope you remember me 🙂 It’s nearly a year since I wrote to you. Hope you are being a magician in your own life 🙂 I have been doing well both in terms of prosperity and personal peace. Did I tell you that I have moved to USA temporarily? That was one of the coolest …


Audio clearing for addiction

How have you been? It is almost an year since I wrote to you and I hope you have created many magic and miracles in the meantime. I wanted to share something very personal with you – I lost my father recently and this was the tribute I posted in the facebook: //He was a …


Law of Attraction Experiment

Miracle diary I thought of sharing the experiments I have been doing with Law of Attraction with you all. I came across Pam Grout’s book E-Squared and was inspired to play with some experiments on my own. The objective of these experiments are just to prove to yourself that you create your own reality and …


3 steps to prosperity

How have you been? I have been playing with the universe a bit and thought I’ll share some of those stories with you. Miracle diary I was playing the prosperity game recommended by Abraham Hicks for just two days and what I desired actualized. While playing I was choosing to pay off my mortgage quickly …


Harmony with money – audio download

How have you been? I wish you a bright, light and expansive 2017 🙂 2016 was an extremely busy year for me and I am choosing to have more balance this year. So, you should be hearing from me often and receive more audio downloads too. How does it get any better than this? Yes, …


Abundance through kindness

How have you been? I have been busy with my job and getting rid of my baggages. It’s interesting to observe how much we function from the stories that we store in the bodies unconsciously. By the way, did you listen to the inner child meditation I sent you last time? How did you find it? I …


Audio download for healing your inner child

How are you all? Thank you for asking for more through emails and phone calls that brought me out of my hibernation. How does it get any better than this? To make up for my long absence, I have an additional gift for you. Read it until the end, ok? https://dev.infinitehealing.co.uk/referral/?audio-download-for-healing-your-inner-child/ Way out of frustration …


Are you hiding from money?

How are you? I want to apologize for not sending the audio clearing for winning the lottery. I have been deliciously busy doing full time IT job, eBusiness, classes, mobile apps, sessions etc. However, I am asking the audio to come into existence quickly. What would it take? In case you had missed the previous …

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